Wednesday, July 30, 2014


Hi guys! Welcome to my new blog, Love with a Side of Toast!

Yes, that is me!
I am super excited to get this thing going and hope you guys enjoy what I have to offer! Just to clarify what my blog is going to be all about, I am here to write about food! Treats! Anything that hits my taste palate just right. I recently moved to Los Angeles a few months ago and since then a true journey has begun, both mentally and... taste-ally? I eat out pretty often and always want to tell people about my reaction and give detail to what I am tasting, so I thought this would be the perfect place. For my first blog post I just wanted to let you guys get to know me a little, to better picture my outings. My name is Cassidy and as I stated earlier, I live in Los Angeles. I am 19 years old and just trying to find my place in this huge world. There are so many options in the world, and Los Angeles offers just about all of them which can seem scary but if you're just taking it one day at a time, you can see how lucky you really are! So now that you can see who I am and know what I am here for, I think it is time we really get this started!

I am going to post my real, official Love with a Side of Toast post in just a few minutes, and after that... There is no telling where our journey will end up!
xo Cass


  1. Lovely post! Are you on bloglovin? If not you may want to look into have a way readers can subscribe to your blog to encourage readers to come back.

    1. I am on bloglovin! I have my button links at the top of my page, but I did just also think to add them as well at the end of my posts! So thank you for sparking that idea as well as thank you for your feedback!
      I appreciate it tons!