Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Dog Town and DK

Today had two new outings, and one oldie...but goodie.

Look at those golden raspberries! Unbelievable.
To start off my day I went to the Santa Monica Farmers Market in the morning, near the 3rd Street Promenade. I pass them setting up this magical event all the time on my way to work, but haven't been able to go. (hence the "on the way to work") But finally today I was off and ready to see what it was all about. To start with the basics, this farmers market happens every Wednesday and Saturday on Arizona Ave (I think that's the starting street) and a few other off streets. What I found from going... It is huge! I have been to a few farmers markets in the past but due to my disappointment have never really felt the urge to be a regular at these events, they lacked in both size and product. But this was beyond my expectations!
There were so so soooo many fresh fruit and vegetable stands it was incredible!

Next newbie was Dogtown Coffee! Which was nothing but amazing. I was off to a really awesome day, a 2 out of 2! This little get away could instantly bring the surfer back to any past life shred-er, or make a never-before rider feel like they have been riding waves for years. To start, the place is filled with beachy looking accented boys working to make you whatever you want... Obviously an instant plus to any girl with a beating heart. But beyond the boys, they had the service and product to back up their heart throb style.
I ordered the Acai Energy Bowl and their specialty coffee, The Sweet and Salty. The acai bowl was really delicious! It was proportioned well and extremely refreshing. It was topped off with strawberries, bananas, dried coconut flakes, granola, and (I believe) honey. The coffee though was the true brain teaser. A mixture of sweet and salty, in your coffee... like what? It was a sweet coffee infused with caramel flavor (really not very sweet though, definitely a nice subtle sweetness) topped off with a sea salt foam. Going in for the first sip I expected the typical chocolate-caramel-salt flavor of many ice creams and candies. But no, this was completely different! As I said it was a subtle sweetness, one that didn't give you a stomach ache after a few sips making you beg for a sip of cold water. It was easy to drink the entire time, you kept wanting more. As for the foam, it is exactly as it sounds! Sea salt flavored, and very well done too. Once you shake up your coffee a bit, you get the melodious flavors of it all together and happily drink away. Needless to say, I had to get the app on my phone right after I was finished because I knew I would be coming back!

Lastly, on my day of greatness, I went to DK Donuts. One of my favorite treats. If you are in Los Angeles or Santa Monica, and your sweet tooth is aching... I urge you to go here. I have had many of their donut options and have loved just about all of them! The only one that was not my favorite was the Blueberry Pronut, a protein donut. But other than that they are always super yummy!
Today I went with a Peanut Butter Pronut, a Pistachio Ube, a Green Tea Cronut (crossiant-donut), and a plain sprinkled donut. Also, let me state that these were not all for myself! They were happily shared! One of my favorites there that I did not indulge in today is the Wownut, a waffle-donut hybrid. They are so good, its like honestly one of the best things I have ever had in my life! So thank you DK for that! Definitely a go-to for me and I am pretty confident that anyone who tries will soon after feel the same! My only tip and forewarning is to bring cash! They do not take cards, and the ATM inside their store charges like $2.15 to take out your own money.

Alright guys, I think that is a pretty good first post and enough for today! 
I hope that you guys enjoy and if you have any feedback please feel free to let me know! 
xo Cass

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