Thursday, July 31, 2014

Sushi Burrito: Greatest Invention Ever

It's hard to miss!
Hi all!
So, for my second post, I'm coming at you with all my bases loaded. This may be the greatest beginning to any food blog....ever. Today I am here to share with you my magical experience with the one of the greatest food trucks in Los Angeles, Jogasaki Burrito. Now I know you may be asking yourself, "What makes them so special?", and for you I will say two words: sushi burrito. Ever since I saw the special they were featured in on Food Network, I have been dying to try Jogasaki. Then, once I moved to Los Angeles, it was practically inevitable that we would some day meet. I am constantly checking their twitter to see where they are going to be through out the day, fingers crossed that they will be in Santa Monica. Sadly, I am usually too late or too busy to make it when they are... which leads me back to my original statement, 
this was a magical day in the making

Now, let's get straight to the logistics here, from the inside out we have: TONS of sweet crab mix, cucumber, avocado, tempura shrimp, and spicy tuna... these middle ingredients are then covered with a thin layer of rice, and to top it off the whole burrito is gloriously blanketed in a soy wrap. And size-wise, well... I was suuuuper full after! This burrito I ordered was the B2, I think... (there were so many options!)
It was truly exactly what you hope to taste when thinking of a sushi burrito. So assuming that we are thinking the same thing, it was like eating a sushi roll with your hands. For me, this is heaven. The greatest invention anyone has made yet. Sushi has been my all time favorite meal since I came out of the womb (this isn't even a joke). If there is one type of food I could eat for every single meal, every single day... it would be Sushi! So again, greatest invention ever letting people shamelessly walk around eating sushi with their hands.

    Back to Jogasaki though, like I said, there were  atleast 20 different options for your burrito! Just  about anyone could find something that suited their  palate! And not only do they serve burritos, they  also have other super scrumptious looking meal  choices like ahi tacos, sushi nachos, and your good  ol' classic sushi rolls! Best yet, at a FOOD TRUCK! Am I the only one in awe here?

To the part I hate, my tid bit criticism:
1) The spicy tuna wasn't very spicy! For some people this could could be a big relief... But I was really expecting that punch to even out the sweet crab! 
2) While this may be more of a tip..... I insist that you eat your burrito right when your name is called. I decided that I wanted to wait until I got to sit down and enjoy it, but at that point it had gotten a little warm and I mean... Who wants warm sushi? But this isn't Jogasaki's fault! Only a forewarning to you guys and my mistake!

Buuuuut, over all I give Jogasaki Burrito a 4.5/5 rating! And I have a feeling that the next time I go they will absolutely make up for that .5 percent! 

I hope you guys enjoyed hearing about one of my new favorite food trucks and if you live in or are ever near the Los Angeles area you make sure to hunt this gem down! 
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Until next time!
xo Cass

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  1. oh goodness. I am in heaven. The thought of sushi right now is undeniable. but a sushi burrito... you're pushing me over the edge!

    1. I was in heaven too! Wish you were here to indulge with!