Friday, August 1, 2014

Lords of Dogtown

So remember when I told you guys that it wouldn't be very long until I returned to Dogtown Coffee? Well it was sooner that expected, only took me two days to be drawn back into the ocean-y oasis. But don't you worry, I made sure to try something new so I could have some information to share with you guys.
Today when I went I got a Vietnamese Coffee and an Original Breakfast Burrito with bacon. Incase you were wondering what a Vietnamese coffee consists of, it is iced coffee with sweetened condensed milk. So it is like getting an iced coffee with all the work done for you! No going over to the milk bar... Staring at the different options until you decide whether you want whole or soy, and don't even get me started with all the different options there are for sweetening your coffee... It's a hassle, so why not order the perfect coffee to begin with. 
Anywho, while I didn't order their specialty burrito, The Munchies Burrito, mine hit the spot perfectly! The Orignal came with avocado, eggs, aged white cheddar, home-made pico de gallo, and bacon with a honey wheat wrap to pull it all together. The pico de gallo was super refreshing in the burrito, making the richness of the cheese and avocado perfectly balanced. While it looked small when I picked it up, I regretted that statement immediately afterwards when my belly was extremely full. (I have the eyes bigger than your stomach sydrome) The reason I chose this basic version of the burrito over the munchies was because the Munchies burrito came with tater-tots and a chipotle-cream sauce on the inside. Please do not get me wrong, this absolutely sounded the best and I know it would have rocked my world... But today I just wasn't ready to commit to all those extra fatty foods inside my body. Next time though, you know I WILL be getting the Munchies burrito. 

 Since this post is purely about Dogtown, I feel like I should give you guys a better idea of what this place is really about. For anyone in the Santa Monica area, it is right on Main Street. But the nice part is that it's a bit away from all of the other coffee shops, restaurants, and boutiques that are a few blocks down the street. Therefore, there is usually a parking spot not too far away. It is meter parking though so bringing change is an important thing to remember so you don't have to make the silly decision of charging 50 cents to your card. The building is on the corner of the street so as for outdoor seating, there are quite a few tables on the side patio area and directly infront of the store as well. Also, there is a big superman flag waving on a pole in front so it's pretty hard to miss driving by! On the inside it is pretty decently sized for a coffee shop, about 6 or 7 tables along the wall and a bar along the windowsill. The decor is very beachy, but not the expected sea-shell-anchor-light-blue-paint decorations, it's more of the painted surf murals, unstained wood on the walls, longboards and surfboards kind of decor. It has a super cool feel, and the murals are very well done.. not some tacky painted pictures. They have done a really well job of keeping a serene feel in there. I can't put into words the attitude of a surfer, but that is exactly how it feels inside... So if you know, you know. The menu has a lot of choices for you... But not too many that you are overwhelmed. Just a few for breakfast, lunch, and snacks. Their coffee selection is also very good, offering options like the Vietnamese Coffee and the Sweet and Salty plus many more that your average coffee shop doesn't offer. They have some good looking bakery items as well (which I will definitely be indulging in). Basically overall... they are awesome!
 I even got a Dogtown card today! Every 90 points you get $15 dollars, and every dollar you spend is worth a point. I'm still not exactly sure how it works but I have a while to go anyways so I will wait until I get closer to 90 points to figure out what this $15 dollars means... Like do I just get this money to spend for free or what, because that is a good deal...? Anyways, I'm excited! My future with Dogtown seems bright and tasty so far!
 I hope you guys got a good feel for my favorite coffee shop and enjoyed reading!
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xo Cass
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  1. We will definitely have to try out Dogtown when we are in Santa Monica next week!

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    1. You're going to have to come down here and try it.... Or else you're crazy too!!