Sunday, August 3, 2014

Selfie Sunday

                                         Goodevening and happy Sunday!

On this perfect night I am enjoying staying in with my favorite magazine, Norah Jones radio, and cup of Chai Vanilla tea! Here in Santa Monica it's been raining off and on since last night so all I want to do is be super cozy!
On days when I work I usually just come straight home afterwards and make food here, therefore I don't have as much to post for you guys! That is why I have made this my "selfie sunday", all about me.
So since it is all about me, I am going to tell you my daily routine (on a work day that is).
First! I wake up to my ever-so annoying alarm at 6:30 a.m. and crawl out of bed into the bathroom where I immediately wash my face and brush my teeth in hopes of keeping me out the walking zombie zone. After I finish, I go into the kitchen and put a pot of water on the stove and grab all the necessities out of the fridge to make my lunch. Usually this consists of a salad with cucumber and garbanzo beans, whole wheat cous-cous with chicken and avocado, and a home-made dressing for both of them. After I finish constructing my lunch I go back to the pot of water which at this point should be boiling and throw old-fashioned oatmeal in! I know it sounds crazy but I have found that I really prefer the old fashioned oats over instant oats, they seem to stay a little more crunchy rather than mushy. So into pot those go, along with some cinnamon! While those cook down, onto the stove goes a pan and eggs! I am truly not an egg fan, but I have to get my protein in! Once the eggs and oatmeal are both finished I grab a plate and get ready to accessorize my oatmeal! I used to put coconut, chia seeds, and honey on my oatmeal everyday but now I have gotten into a big sweet-tooth phase so my oatmeal gets coated in a few mini chocolate chips, a scoop of peanut butter in the middle (yes, the middle and the middle only), chia seeds, and honey. The reason I like my peanut butter in the middle is because then it gets all melty and falls over the oats, and at the end it is the yummiest peanut butter bite! So after I finish eating my breakfast I usually put on my work clothes, which consist of a black tee-shirt and jeans, and put on my mascara and eye brows! I leave home between 7:15 and 7:20. I work at the 3rd St. Promenade at The Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf... Sadly there is no employee parking though so I have to park on further residential streets. So once I get to those its about 7:30 and I always leave my car at 7:40... it gives me enough time to not get a ticket and enough time to get ready at work. Once I walk along the streets and into The Coffee Bean, I go in the back and put my Doc Martens on, my visor and apron, then clock in! What comes next is a day filled of brewing coffees and trying to understand the languages of the many tourists that come through! After work (usually 4 or 4:30), I start to walk back to my car and make my way home! It's the beginning of traffic hour so it always takes me a bit longer to get home. Once I finally do make it though, I almost immediately hop in the shower! The smell of coffee no longer smells good at that point and is practically tattooed into my skin. And after that is a whole lot of relaxation, kind of like I am doing right now! Usually this includes watching House on Netflix though, I am on season 7 and completely addicted. I generally make myself go to sleep by 10, but no later than 11.... and get ready to do it all again!
Tomorrow should be a real curve ball for me though, I don't work until 12! So we will see how that goes, ruining my whole schedule!

Until then, I am going to just continue to listen to the sweet voices of people like Rachel Yamagata and finish my almost cold Chai tea.... Maybe I should make more? Is that bad...? Oh well!
I hope you guys are enjoying your evening as much as me, whether that means your cuddled in bed with Netflix or eating super good blog worthy food! Also I hope you enjoyed my "selfie sunday", I attached an actual selfie if that helps...? 

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See ya' guys laters!
xo Cass
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