Thursday, February 4, 2016

Early morning vibes

Look at that light!
 Goodmoring, while scrolling through my Pinterest this morning I realized that there was somewhat a theme that was catching my eye. Whites, eerie lights, all very dreamy and clean.   Even though it is Thusday, it is my Sunday and I   think that is putting me into this vibe. Well, that and the sunshine that is poking through the window. You know that early morning light that just makes you feel cozy? Yeah that light. It might seem like nothing, but for me it always brings happiness. I imagine a steaming cup of  coffee, a chunky knit blanket... maybe some uggs. It reminds me of being together, it's a time when  people come together in the morning to wake up. So I gathered some photos for you, hopefully these help you get into the same mind set I am in currently. I love white in rooms, it looks both clean and crisp but yet somehow so cozy as well, like a cloud. Pinterest is one of the greatest websites to me, it is so fun and motivational to be able to find all of your favorite things and photos that give you butterflies in your stomach and put them in one place. It's like blogging for people who don't have much to say, and don't want to spend the time making a personal site. It's straight forward and amazing.

oatmeal crunch scones with maple glaze I
Oatmeal Crunch Scones with Maple Glaze
deco chambre scandinave:

Don't these pictures just make you feel so satisfied? It has been raining around here for what feels like a month straight. This is one of the first mornings that has had this feel to it. While I love the rain, I kind of hope to have more mornings like this. Also, those scones are giving me some serious baking goals right now. Scones are one of my favorite pastries because they are so dense, and usually not too sweet. I love sweets, but more so understated sweetness. So scones are at the top of the list! Well now that I have these vibes surrounding me I am going to drink another cup of coffee, watch the news, and Pinterest some more!
 Glazed Vanilla Bean Scones from @bakingaddiction

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xx Cass

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