Sunday, August 10, 2014

Home Sweet Home: Part 1

Wow guys! It seems like it has been so long since I last posted, but yet this whole trip home went by so so quickly! I feel like I all that I did was go go go the entire time, it was crazyness to say the least. But I am back in Santa Monica now, and while I do already miss home, I am super glad to be back. I guess this is really my home now.
The first night I got home to Grass Valley me and my mama went out to dinner together at one of our favorite sushi joints, Sushi Q. Let me start by saying that our small town has some of the BEST sushi. The owners really buy great fish and it is phenomenal every single time. I have yet to find a good sushi spot down here in Los Angeles, I am scared to try too many places and end up eating too much bad sushi! So instead of doing that, if anyone knows any good spots down here that are rave-worthy, please let me know! Sushi is my favorite food!

Back to Sushi Q though, I am splitting my evening there into two posts! The reason why is because I think the food I ate, and that I enjoy eating every time, are almost two separate categories. The first category I am going to share with you tonight is: Baked Green Mussels. I do not care what you say about mussels, these are unfathomably delicious. Unlike anything else, and unlike any other mussels you might try. The sauce that is on them is completely amazing. I am not even sure what it is made of, but I know it is japanese mayo, lemon, and some spices... But there has to be more to this recipe because I am positive it is something I could never recreate. On top of the mayo sauce is a few sprinkled black sesame seeds, and they make every bite perfect. They are baked with all the ingredients combined and go so merrily together. Each order comes with three baked mussels, and as for price... I would say they are cheap, especially for the flavor-trip they take you on. When I say they are good, I mean they are GOOD. We never leave any behind, to the point of licking the each and every one to make sure you get all of the deliciousness in the mayo sauce. As you can see me and my mom had to get two orders because there was no way one of us was going to get more than the other, we both need our three muscles. Only other thing I can say about these Baked Green Mussels is that they should be on Best Thing I Ever Ate: Sea Food
Tomorrow I am going to post about the rest of my Sushi Q food which consists of some sushi rolls that are also finger lickin' good
What I also will be posting about this week is the Nevada County Fair! It comes once a year and I still get excited about it like I was in 6th grade. If you know what Treat Street is, you know there are some of the yummiest fair foods around! It is always such a fun experience and I am so glad/lucky to have grown up in a place like Grass Valley!
 I wish I could eat Sushi Q every single day, it almost seems unfair that I am so far away and will only be able to indulge every few months... That also gets me back to the fact that I need someone to please tell me some good sushi places! They could be well known or they good be local only, hole-in-the-wall joints... If they are good, they are good! I just need something to get me by. I don't only have a sweet tooth, I have a sushi tooth as well and it ALWAYS ACHES. Help!
Well guys I am excited to give you my next few blog posts and to show you guys a little more about my home sweet home. I'm sure any of you readers that are also Grass Valley natives or have even passed through understand my sushi craze and saying they have some of the best sushi around. Time for me to unpack and get back to my normal adult life now! How boring and responsible....

xo Cass
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