Friday, August 15, 2014

Home Sweet Home: Part 2

Hey my faithful readers, sorry to be late on this part two edition of Home Sweet Home! But better late than never, right? So, before I told you about my mouth watering Baked Green Mussels that I had at Sushi Q and now I am about to tell you about my just as amazing rolls that I ate as well!
The first is called the #15, it has scallops, sprouts, and mango inside with salmon, Japanese mayo-sauce, green onion, and sesame seeds on the outside. It may seem simple but it is one of my favorite rolls, I have to order it everytime! The mango and the white sauce just go sooo good together, you want every bite to last forever. One of the ways you can tell if you're eating good sushi is if the fish is cold, has a smooth creamy texture, and if you can tell the difference taste-wise of every fish! And here you can! The scallops have such a smooth texture where the salmon is just a bit thicker, but perfect for salmon, it also blends nicely. Then to top it off, the subtle but necessary bits of green onion and sesame seeds in every bite just set it off the charts! I highly highly recommend this roll to anyone!
The second roll I had is called the Ruby Slipper. Also one of my favorites and often in my order! This roll is much more refreshing compared to the #15 and I think that is why I am often drawn to ordering these two together, you get a little bit of everything! Inside the ruby slipper is crab, avocado, and sprouts. On the top is where it gets crazy, it has tuna, yellow tail, and salmon with soy sauce, wasabi, and regular flavor infused tobbiko (mini fish eggs) on top of thinly sliced lemon. This is a sushi roll is very appealing to the eyes because of how colorful it is! Luckily it pulls through flavor wise as well once you see it and make the plunge! First thing you taste is the sweet and refreshing crab mixed with the lemon! One of my most loved flavors in sushi rolls is lemon, it always brings a good punch. Then you start to get the creamy avocado with the fish that is also creamy, its magical. And all the fish is always so cold, especially the crab, which is one of the things that makes it such a refreshing roll! It is simple yet so tasty and just what I always need! Like I said, you can always differentiate between tastes and textures of the fish here so on this roll the three fishes really make a difference. Usually me and my mom have to split this roll up equally or we end up saying "You got more salmon pieces than me".
I also of course had to get a Spicy Tuna Hand Roll as well or the meal just wouldn't feel complete. Sushi Q handrolls always have an awesome amount of tuna in them, it always end up falling out the bottom it's so loaded! Along with the tuna they put in the spicy sauce, sprouts, and green onion! Along with lemon, green onion is also a favorite taste to get when eating sushi! I love it, therefore I loooove that they put it inside of their handrolls as well!
After going to Sushi Q while I was home, I also partook in the Nevada County Fair! I love our little small town fair, I'm so glad we have it and that everyone always makes it out atleast once! My first day there I worked all day long at the Firefighters Soda Booth! My step-dad is a Captain for Nevada County Fire so we of course always have to be a part of the booth. While I was there though I of course took a stroll down Treat Street, and OF COURSE got a baked potato! These baked potatoes are the most simple 'taters but yet if I made them at home they just wouldn't taste the same, it's all about the nostalgia of being at the fair while eating them... I can't get enough! I also had to indulge in a Frosty Ice Cream (Frosty Freeze, Froster Freeze? Still unsure) cone! Vanilla and Chocolate swirl! Yeah!! You're hardly a true Nevada County-er if you haven't had one of these ice cream cones. Overall, it was an A+ experience at the fair this year and on my trip home as well!
Time for me to go to the gym and work off all of the yummy foods I eat. I do it for you guys, true team player!
Goodnight guys! I will be back soon!

xo Cass
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  1. I'm reading this at 7 am... drinking coffee... and my mouth is still watering!