Saturday, August 23, 2014


I am sorry I have been totally MIA this week! I have just been going and going and going, not leaving time for the only thing I have been wanting to do... blog! My work schedule is now totally crazy and every day is a different shift so I don't have a set time just for me like I did before. But I atleast have been making sure to try yummy food while I have time so that when I am finally all alone and able to relax, I could tell you guys about it! Last weekend on my days off I went and visited a friend who moved to San Diego so I wasn't really available then, making you guys wait all week! But when I got home from San Diego on Monday I decided to try a new American Mexican fusion restaurant called Mondo Taco. Some people call them the "Best Taco's in Santa Monica"! So of course it was inevitable that I would have to try them at some point. First off, there are SO many options! Atleast ten different tacos in three different categories which included crawl, swims, and grows (aka meat veggie and fish)! So there is definitely something for everyone which is always a big plus when eating with the picky ones! Everyday they have Happy Hour from 3-7 which is also TOTALLY AWESOME! They have you spin a wheel which includes percentages off, free tacos, and cool stuff like that! I spun the wheel and got 20% off my whole order! So right off the bat I was pretty pleased with Mondo Taco. When it came down to ordering I got two tacos, the Beefeater and the Crazy Fish. The Beefeater was braised shortrib and a horse radish slaw. It was so so SO good! It was filled with such an abundance of meat and was spicy, which I liked a lot! It is probably a taco I would order every time I went there, thaaat good. The second one was the Crazyfish which was filled with panko crusted fish, pico de gallo, and 1000 island sauce. Again, SO much fish! They definitely do not skimp on the meat or any fillings in your taco which I think is super important if you want to be a successful taco restaurant! They also make all their tortillas in the kitchen so they are super fresh, and make the tacos taste even better! Overall I would definitely give Mondo a 10! They did me good in every category and I cannot wait to go back!

The next place I went this week was Swingers Diner in Santa Monica. It is totally not your average diner, I already love this place after going in once! It is totally funky, I LOVE IT. The inside in partly american flag, pink and yellow cow wall paper, and orange tile with pink and green plaid chairs and booths. Like I said, so funky! Little fun fact: they shot a scene from the movie Knocked Up in this diner! I was sitting there and thinking about how it looked so familiar to me, but yet I had never been there before...and that's when it came to me! It was from Knocked Up! But anyways, they have a good size menu with both you everyday diner choices and their own original ones as well. But I would say even the diner choices are probably whipped up extra special! I decided to go with the California Omelette with the home fries on the side. Before eating I was less than excited, expecting to get some greasy potatoes and an okay omelette but as usual, I was proved wrong! It was actually phenomenal! First of all, the potatoes were not greasy, and they were some of my favorite breakfast potatoes I've ever had! They were with rosemary and cooked perfectly, I am craving them now. And my omelette was also super good and a thousand times better than I thought it would be! It was three eggs filled with avocado, jack cheese, bacon, and alfalfa sprouts! Again, I'm craving it! I might have to go in the morning, even tonight if this doesn't go away! I am usually not much of an egg girl but I could eat this over and over again and still enjoy it, it was really a great omelette! They also have tons of cupcakes on the counter which look to die for that I am going to have to try soon, they are called Bite Me Cupcakes made by an outside bakery. I basically can't wait to go back and eat more omelettes, eggs, and cupcakes!

xo Cass
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