Sunday, August 31, 2014

Tacos Por Favor

So, I am pretty sure I have told you guys a time or two that I really love sushi, it's my favorite food! But I don't think I have told you about what my second favorite food is, coming in right behind sushi is Mexican food! Boy oh boy I just cannot get enough of it! And that being said I think it is very important not only to know about all the good Mexican places in Los Angeles but to know about the good places that are within a 5 mile radius of myself, so when I do get a crazy craving that I can't kick I know where to go. Luckily yesterday I found the place! And better yet it is the #3 Mexican food place in Santa Monica, not too bad if you ask me... So drum roll please... My new Mexican joint is Tacos Por Favor
 To start let's talk about the visuals here... It is a total hole in the wall! I would honestly never think to go in if it weren't for hearing about it from other people and from Yelp! It is in a old looking building, not super inviting. When you walk in you see that it is pretty big, and laid out very openly. It was very busy, and it is a order-and- pick-up serving style. The menu had very many options, and being that I am not Mexican nor do I know much about the traditional meals, I had no idea what most of the menu was other than tacos and burritos! I decided to get a burrito because I was pretty hungry...and I'm really more of a burrito over taco kind of gal! The burrito I got was the Al Pastor. Like I said, I do not know much about the traditional Mexican meals but Al Pastor is basically a marinated pork, I'm just unsure of what that marinade it! But what I do know is I have really come to love it, and also it is spicy! Not only to I love Al Pastor, but I really really loved Tacos Por Favor's Al Pastor! It was so good, my mouth is watering right now! It had the perfect amount of spice and kick in it!
 One of their things is that they like to have tasty and healthy Mexican food! Now, I truly am not sure just how "healthy" it is, but what I do know is they do not use lard, they cook every meal fresh with fresh ingredients, and (this one made me laugh) they use roma tomatoes! Maybe I'm the silly one who should be laughed at but I didn't know that romas were more healthy than the alternative tomatoes? Anyways, it was delicious! It also had a bountiful amount of cilantro, onion, and beans! The Al Pastor though really stole the show! Oh! And another really important thing was that the pork was cooked very well, it wasn't dry at all! 
Something else I really loved about Tacos Por Favor was that they had a salsa bar! I hate when restaurants serve you chips but only give you one thing of salsa, and charge for extra! Like come on, you think that is really going to be enough for me? It also makes it seem more authentic to me, along with having the carrots, jalapenos, and other special Mexican salsa bar items that I don't know the name of! Before I forget as well, I also got a horchata! Now it wouldn't be a true Mexican meal without horchata... It really did make the meal better! I love love love horchata and it just goes so well with an Al Pastor burrito. 
Anywho! I can't believe tomorrow is already Labor Day, man oh man doesn't time just fly? I wish I was going to be eating a bunch of delicious barbecue food while sitting on the lake... But instead I am going to be working! It is going to be a mad house and I am not the least bit excited! But it's time and a half so... oh well? What are you guys going to be up to tomorrow! I hope it's something to perfectly end your three day weekend! 

 xo Cass
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