Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Sweets and Treats

Hi ya'll~
Again, so sorry for being slow to return... Just haven't been feeling inspired lately so it took me a few to get it back! But I'm here now! Tonight I am going to talk to you about the little snacks that I have found! Well not so much snack snacks like a bag of chips, but these aren't really full meals either! So let's just dive straight on in...
The first place is called Cafe Bellagio! It is on the 3rd St. Promenade, a bit down from where I work. It is really a cute little place, in an outdoor kind of cafe right in the middle of the walkway. It is hard to explain so that you can fully understand, so just know its adorable. So, I decided to stop in to see what they had for me. They serve mostly panini style sandwiches but I decided to try this kind of a wrap thing called a piadina! I got the Piadina Salmone which was smoked salmon, cream cheese, and arugala inside this....piadina! It was like a thick pita almost... But in a tortilla shape, not a pocket. It was very good! It was a nice snack and a perfect balance of saltiness with the delicious taste of the arugala! I really did enjoy it... Also before I forget, they serve gelato there and I tasted one of their flavors which was Farmers Market Apricot.
     SO GOOD!                          

Next is my newest sweet tooth fixer, Treats! I mean the name basically speaks for itself. It is a frozen yogurt and ice bar (aka snow cone bar). While I have yet to try a snow cone... The frozen yogurt is always DELICIOUS. Everytime I have gone I have like the flavors so much that instead of choosing flavors from different machines, I just get whatever two flavors are in the swirl. The first time I went I got Huckleberry Angel Food Cake swirled with Salted Caramel Popcorn and coconut flakes, graham crackers, and raspberries on top. As I said, DELICIOUS. I was instantly hooked, the fact that I could mix such weird flavors together and it be good... I knew this was a gem. One of the things I really like is that they do their frozen yogurts in two layers. First they put the yogurt, then the toppings, and they another layer of yogurt again with a topping on top! 

The next time I went I got Pumpkin Spice and Pomegranate (again with a mixed swirl) with coconut, graham cracks, and raspberries! They came through again for me... My mouth was extremely happy! The last time I went I got a small kids size just to fix my sweet tooth with Red Velvet and Creme de Cocoa. YUM! They also always have atleast one NSA option, which I got the Pumpkin and Creme de Cocoa versions of this. Also they let you know which yogurts are low fat, and which ones are non-fat! It is just an all around good place! 
Well it will probably be awhile again until I write because next week I will be in Colorado visiting with my two favorite people! My Mom and my Auntie! It is going to be such a nice trip, and I am sure I will find something to write about for you guys while I'm there.. But until next time, eat good food and be happy!

xo Cass
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